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Sunday, 6 September 2020

Public benefit International Challenge for Youth 2020

As part of their DP CAS activity, four Year 13 ISL students participated in the PBIC 4th International Youth Welfare Innovation challenge organised by the China- Africa development Programme.

Out of eighty international teams, our ISL team called 'CHARIS' which was composed of Yuehe Pan, Seoyun Jung, Deborah Mwanakatwe, Merlyn Nithyanathan and one other non-isl member won the twentieth position. Well done to the team!

The task assigned by the PBIC was to create a service project that would cater to the needs of their less privileged communities to which CHARIS decided to create an offline database containing educational resources that would allow community schools to continue distance learning during Covid 19 Pandemic. Their plan consisted of providing a database as well as means of viewing the contents in the form of monitors and/or television screens. Their team leader, Yuehe Pan, was in charge of organising the team and translating the documents produced into Chinese, Seoyun Jung was in charge of research and identification of the target schools, Deborah Mwanakatwe was in charge of writing out the planning process and calculating the feasibility and Merlyn Nithyanathan was responsible for handling the financial side of the project by finding the cost of the project execution as well as finding potential sponsors.

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