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Saturday, 12 September 2020

Year 11 back on campus Monday 14th

We look forward to seeing our Year 11 students back on campus on Monday 14th September. Here are some videos for parents and students to watch to get a flavour of how things will be.

Here is a 9 minute video which shows students and parents how Monday will start.
Here is a 1.30 minute video which shows students and parents how students will sanitize their work space each time they enter a class.

Further reminders:

·       Until further notice we will keep the same timetable; 08.00-14.15.
·       Parents/drivers will receive a ISL 2020-2021 vehicle identification tag. 
·       Only people exiting the care need to have their temperature checked and hands sanitized.
·       If students come early because of an early drop off, they will sanitize in the booth and then proceed to the amphitheater. Please dress warm if the morning is cool.
·       After school, students should wait for their car on either the “S” benches or in the Amphitheater area, following social distancing guidelines and markings.
·       Students are allowed to stay after school and work with teachers/IGCSE Coordinator or University Guidance Counselor. These arrangements should be made in advance between the student and the appropriate staff member. After-school activites are also available. from 15.00-16.00.
·       Pick-up time is no later than 16.30.
·       Students are requested to bring 2 water bottles as we have restricted the water access points until further notice. Water is available of course.
·       The Tuck Shop will be open.

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