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Thursday, 24 September 2020

Physical Education and Swimming classes during SBL-HBL tranisition

With the resumption of SBL classes for all Year levels as of Monday 28th September, please find below some important reminders for P.E. and swimming classes.

Kindly note that the Covid 19 Safety Guidelines will be adhered to during all lessons to ensure that all our students are safe. 

Proper PE kit and swimming costume is required for participation.  Kits and costumes are available from the Accounts office in the reception area.

As you may know, swimming lessons in the pool alternate with PE classes on the fields and courts. Please refer to a subsequent email from the PE Department which will inform you which days your child will swim and days your child will have PE. 

P.E. classes: already in progress 

During PE lessons students are expected to wear the ISL PE kit (navy blue golf t-shirt and black shorts) and comfortable trainers/athletic shoes. Students should bring a water bottle to class. Activities will be organised to support social distancing regulations.

Face masks are not required to be worn during classes. We advise that students keep their mask clean by putting it in a zip-lock plastic bag while in PE. Masks may be worn during PE if the student/parents wish, but we would then advise that students carry a fresh mask which can be worn after the lesson.

Swimming classes: starting Monday 28th September

On arrival at the swimming pool,  swimmers will be directed to the changing rooms in groups of six. After changing, swimmers will line up (1.5m apart) for their briefing and land-warm-up. 

Entry into the pool will be done in phases depending on the number of students and their ability; either 6 swimmers at a time with each swimmer maintaining their lane, or 4 swimmers per lane starting 5 meters apart swimming in a clockwise direction. At the end of each lap, swimmers exit the pool and return to the other side following a prescribed walk-way.

The above procedures have been approved by the Ministry of Heath.

We believe that both PE and swimming engender healthy lifestyles and develop essential life skills. Considering the sedentary nature of the online learning experience over the past several months, we sincerely hope that you will support regular participation in PE and swimming classes.

With the large majority of students returning to campus for SBL, HBL students will be able to access differentiated exercises and programmes via Google Classroom.

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