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Friday, 11 September 2020

President Announces Reopening of Schools

We are happy to report that President Lungu has announced that schools will be able to have students back on campus later this month. We are anticipating official guidance from the Ministry of Education shortly and will update the association accordingly.

Our priority will remain the safety of our students and staff. We anticipate a phased reopening of our campus as we believe it is safe to do so under the guidance of our board. Students will come back to campus as we are able to ensure that they are protected by the measures we have in place and at a rate that allows us to manage their transition to those measures effectively.

On Monday 14th September, students in year 11 will join their fellows in year 13 on campus for their classes as planned. Students in other year groups will continue with home-based learning until we are able to safely transition them back to campus.


  1. That sad, I was looking forward for my daughter to be back. Home based learning it not easy with load shedding and bad internet connection.

  2. Excellent approach. Our children safety is very important