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Friday, 18 September 2020

Reopening of Secondary School

 Dear Secondary parents and students,

As you know from the Head of School’s communication, we will begin a phased-in re-entry to on-campus classes. Essential reading for students and parents have been shared. Please click below to read.

Parent guidelinesStudent guidelines


Secondary re-entry programme;

  • Monday 21st September : Year 9 only

  • Wednesday 23rd September: Year 7 & 10 only 

  • Monday 28th September year 8 & 12 only

Important points regarding the return to campus: 

1. As of Monday 21st, all classes will follow the new schedule/timetable whether at home (HBL- Home-based learning) or at school (SBL School-based learning). There are 7 periods a day. Homeroom/Tutor Group meeting from 07.05-07.10. Classes start at 07.15. End at 13.30. Unless otherwise notified/informed/requested, students should be off campus by 14.00.

2. Every class has been arranged to accommodate social distancing of 1.5 meters between students.  Teachers will also be distanced from students as they facilitate teaching and learning.

3. Many classes have changed their location due to the number of students  who can be accommodated while maintaining social distancing. Please click here to view the school map if you would like to know where your child's class will be. There will be welcoming staff present every morning in the car park to help the students get to class.

4. Most Middle School classes (Year 7, 8, 9) will take place in a designated room. This is to decrease the number of students  moving between classes and to increase the bubble effect for our Middle School students. Students will generally remain in their homeroom but go out for other classes such as  PE, Art,  Music, ICT, Library and MFL.

5. High School (10, 11, 12, 13) students follow the timetable and move for each class.

6. Year level- specific timetables will be emailed to students and parents in a subsequent email. The High School timetable will remain unchanged  whereas the Middle School timetable will have changes. Students continuing with Home-Based Learning (HBL) will follow the new timetable.  

7. Students will have allocated “break areas'' where they will remain socially distanced during Break 1 and Break 2. The Tuck Shop will be open and students will have access to light snacks and drinks. There is no lunch from 13.30 - 14.00 until further notice. 

8. Drop off and pick up should be from the appropriate car parks.  Year 7-9; MPC or Secondary car park. Year 10-13; Secondary car park. By 14.00 all students should be off campus.

9.  Although water is available at restricted points throughout the campus, students should bring  the  amount of water they will need for the day. Normally 2 water bottles would be sufficient.

10. Until further notice the lockers are not available for the students. With organisation and planning it should not be necessary for students to bring all their books to school everyday.

Please watch this youtube video to understand the procedures which need to be followed.

As always, if you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact  me.

Best regards and stay safe,

Craig Patterson

Secondary Principal


  1. We are very interested to learn the structure and procedures for student continuing with HBL.

    Thank you

  2. All classes will continue to be delivered via HBL. The only difference, starting on Monday 21st, is that the entire school will need to move to the usual school-day timings with the first period starting at 07.15 and the last period ending at 13.30. A copy of the timetables will be emailed to the student and their parents.