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Friday, 25 September 2020

ISL Celebrates National Library Week

International School of Lusaka Media Centre joined the rest of the libraries in Zambia in celebrating National Library Week from 21-25th September 2020. The theme of this year’s celebration was “Libraries: Your Partners for Life.”

National Library Week is an annual event commemorated around the world at different times in different countries. The significance of this event is to create public awareness on the importance of libraries by giving an opportunity to libraries, documentation/information centres to showcase their resources, facilities, events, and services through different programs and events to the community. The event also provides the community with the opportunity to find out about the wide range of services that libraries and information centres offer as well as recognize the vital role they play in research and education. With COVID-19 pandemic in our midst, the 2020 celebrations were virtually done.

ISL Media centre has two libraries – primary and secondary. The two libraries offer both physical and electronic information resources amongst other services. ISL libraries provide information resources not only to students and members of staff but parents as well. The libraries offer lessons to all students from early years through to Year 9 to support students with research related needs. The libraries also provide conducive reading and discussion spaces. Reprographic services are also available for both students and staff.

Join us this year as we celebrate this event – watch this video.

Remember to make Libraries Your Partners for Life by fully utilizing the services that ISL Media Centre provides!!

Happy National Library Week!!

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