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Friday, 11 September 2020

Secondary Settling in Report

In a short while we will be generating the Secondary Settling in Report. This report only will be sent to two groups of parents....

1. ALL parents of new Secondary students (new to ISL this school year) 
2. ANY parents of a Secondary student whose teacher(s) have identified as having some challenges in their specific subject.

This means that some Secondary parents will NOT receive a Settling in Report because they are not new and there are no concerns. It also means that some parents may receive a report, but that they find only one or two comments from teachers. That is because only those teachers are having a concern with regard to academic progress. 

The first report which all Secondary parents and students will receive will be issued in October: Mid-Semester 1 Report. 

This Settling In Report has two components; “Effort” and “Teacher Recommends a Meeting”

1. The student’s Effort is graded on the following scale:

B: below teacher expectations
A: approaching teacher expectations
M: meeting teacher expectations
E: exceeding teacher expectations

2. Teacher Recommends a Meeting will be indicated as YES or NO. If YES, then the teacher(s) will be available from 14.45 - 16.00 on Wednesday 16th September either in their classroom for a face to face meeting or via a Google Meet or through the student's subject Google Classroom link. Parents who cannot make that meeting time are requested to email Ms Linda  <sec.pa@islzambia.org>  and arrange for an alternative meeting time.

If you have any questions or concerns about the reports, please contact the subject teacher or the Curriculum Coordinator.

IMYC: imyccoordinator@islzambia.org   Mr Chizyuka
IGCSE: igcsecoordinator@islzambia.org  Mr Ivanov
IBDP: ibdpcoordinator@islzambia.org  Ms Nithyanathan

If you don't hear back, please email me.

Best regards,

Craig Patterson
Secondary Principal

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