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Saturday, 13 March 2021

Year 13 & 11 & 9 examinations

The mock exams for year 13 IBDP, Year 11 IGCSE and the Year 9 Checkpoint exams will begin in the coming week. Schedules have been shared

with the students and posted on ManageBac. If you have any questions about the schedule of the examinations, please speak to your child to see if he/she knows the answer, as they should. If they are not able to answer your questions, please contact the appropriate Curriculum Coordinator.

Coming to school/staying home and regular classes 

During the Mock examinations, there will be no classes for Year 13 and Year 11  students Some students may wish to stay home to study. However, teachers will usually be available in their classrooms at the regularly scheduled time. This is to provide a place to go for those students who wish to come to school everyday or any students who may want to ask a teacher a question before the exam. There may be times when teachers have invigilators and they may not be in the classroom. At these times, students should go to the library for self study.

Year 9 students should come to school at the regular time of 07.00 on exam days.

Drop-off and pick-up timings

During the Mock examinations, the regular drop off and pick up timings will be maintained as life as normal continues for the rest of the school. This means that students arriving or wanting to depart during gate closure times MUST USE the main Administration gate on Nangwenya road; NOT the Secondary and and NOT the MPC gate. These gates will be closed to avoid disturbing regular classes and/or the exams which will generally take place in the MPC. 

Students arriving late or leaving early should have a written and signed note from their parents. Please include your phone number on the note.

Best regards,

Craig Patterson

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