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Tuesday, 30 March 2021

IMYC Exit Point for Unit 4

As per the tradition in the IMYC, students reflected on their learning from unit 4 by creating a media project to show their thoughts.

The year 7 students were concluding a unit themed Discovery while the year 8 students studied Curiosity. Students spoke about how they understood the unit's big idea at the end of the unit, what they learnt in the various subjects and how relevant the learning was to them. The year 9 students concluded their unit on Challenge, but could not do an exit point due to their Checkpoint Mock exams.

We have now started studying our final unit of the academic year. In year 7 it is Creativity, Tradition for year 8 and Renewal for year 9. Down to the final lap! Wishing teachers, parents and students good health and all the best.

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