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Thursday, 11 March 2021

Back to school

We Look forward to welcoming students back to school - and to campus - on Monday 15th March. During the holiday, people may have broken their usual patterns of internation which poses an increased risk of infection. For this reason, we do ask all of you to be particularly dilligent in following the coronavirus precautions summarised here regardless of whether you have travelled out of the country. In particular:

Anyone feeling poorly should stay home until they feel better, plus 48 hours.

If your children have travelled they should, in addition to requirements in force by the government, stay home for 48 hours after arrival without symptoms before coming back to campus as per this guidance.

To stop the infection from spreading on our campus, we all need follow the basic precautions:

  • Keep our distance
  • Wear our masks (when you get out of your car your mask should be on)
  • Wash our hands

Please do take seriously these responsibilities: To keep our children safe we rely on everyone's cooperation.

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