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Monday, 25 November 2019

Year 5 students in Action

Guess who came to school on 19th November!

The Mayor of Lusaka himself! His Worship Miles Bwalya Sampa!

Year 5 students have been learning that "Finding solutions to environmental conflicts is their responsibility" under the organizing theme "Sharing the Planet".

Looking around them, outside school, children observed all the trees were cut down to facilitate road construction and Mukupa asked if it would be appropriate to invite the Mayor to speak to them and explain what was going on. What wonderful action! The Mayor was very kind and obliged the children by coming to school.
He explained the need to accommodate increasing traffic in Lusaka to the children and talked about his solution to plant trees. For every tree cut, he is planting 10 trees. He has taken it upon himself to lead by example and is setting the trend for all to follow.
So join in and support Lusaka in maintaining its trees and environment. Permission is now being sought to identify areas where planting can take place as a school for individuals or families.

Great Job Year 5's!! Wonderful action.... something for all to emulate!

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