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Monday, 4 November 2019

Meet Mr. Martin Pikira - ISL Board Member

Martin Pikira has served on the Board of Governors of the International School of Lusaka (ISL) since 2011.
He took a one year break from the Board during the School year 2016-17. He served in different capacities such as Board Chair, Board Vice-Chair and Finance Committee Chairperson; and on many other committees of the Board. Over the years he has been actively advocating for gender equity on the composition of ISL Board, enhanced institutional governance structures and improved community involvement at ISL Annual General Meetings. Martin currently Chairs the Tender Committee and is Vice-Chair of the Estates Committee. He is passionate about value creation whilst protecting School assets and taking a strategic view in decision making, to support and secure a prosperous future for ISL. Mr. Pikira is a Chief Executive Officer of a manufacturing organization in Zambia. He is also a Lead Consultant in a firm where he specializes in business support, strategy, finance, and corporate governance. He has been working for the past 30 years in various manufacturing organizations in and outside Zambia and had a short stint in International Finance in the banking sector. Martin has extensive experience working with high growth businesses in many capacities. He has vast experience in Financial Management, Restructuring Strategies, Change Management, and Corporate Governance Systems. He finds that a solid foundation in finance and operations helps him better guide the financial planning and decision-making process. He has consulted with a number of different service and manufacturing businesses helping with capacity planning, turn-around strategies, business plan and strategy development, and developing performance metrics and driver-based rolling forecast processes. He has helped numerous SMEs to develop financial and resource plans to access cost-effective finance. Martin is always excited by change environments, having been a successful change agent on numerous assignments. He believes such processes unlocks potential for teamwork, strategic thinking and develop capacity to challenge the status quo. He has three children, two at ISL in years 3 and 7, and the eldest is an ISL Alumni. He is a candidate for a Doctorate in Business Administration, holds an MBA; received Strategic Leadership training at Oxford University in the United Kingdom. “…Never quit learning!! Your willingness to LEARN today will leave you prepared for tomorrow’s OPPORTUNITIES…” Anonymous.

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