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Sunday, 17 November 2019

Grandparents Day in Year 2

Thursday 14th November saw the Year 2 children celebrate Grandparents Day!

This was in line with their central idea: Relationships with the Past help Us Better Understand the Present. They began the morning with an assembly, dressed up in ‘olden day’ clothes, reciting the poem ‘What Grandparents are Made of’, sharing what they have learnt and ending with a song that brought tears to many eyes!
After that, in class the children asked Grandparents questions about their lives as young children. Some interesting questions were asked but more importantly a lot was learned. The children were amazed by the distances some grandparents had to travel to get to school without a car.
We even had two Grandmas that went to Primary school together and hadn’t seen each other for a number of years. We even had a couple of Great Grandparents

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