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Wednesday, 20 November 2019

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

We believe modern international education setting comes with the liberty to bring a technology that one is most familiar and comfortable with. Even though you have the freedom to bring in a device of your choice,
it's essential to know what works best with the technologies in place at our school. Before you spend huge sums of money on a fancy device with a particularly high spec, be alive to the basis of our technology provision (GSUITE) and the categories of importance; content consuming and content creation devices. Below are the categories in detail!
Type of Device
Content Creation
A compromise between Laptops & Phones
Smart Phones
Content Consuming
Our recommended device is the Laptop for productivity purposes. Our recommendation doesn’t end here but also extends to the laptop type and Operating System (OS). We believe the Chromebook is undoubtedly a clear winner for many reasons. Chromebook is simply a different breed of the laptop which boasts the following features;
  • Budget-friendly (you can still get them in advanced versions at a higher $ value)
  • Optimized for use with GSuite which is our basis for technology provision
  • Fast Bootup time
  • Long battery life (9-12 hours)
  • No spinning Hard Drives (eMMc/SSD)
  • Browser-based simplicity
  • Offline Features
  • Lightweight Operating System
  • Chrome Webstore
  • Android Ready Applications 
  • No need for antivirus. Chrome OS can't run or install executable programs, that allow it to evade all known viruses.
Valuable lessons we have learnt along the way after the successful implementation of the BYOD in the Secondary section;

  • Chromebooks are less destructive during lessons because they integrate seamlessly. 
  • Other devices especially Windows-based have plenty of things going on including connection challenges, updates, restarts, pop up, to mention a few. Mostly students on these other devices have a hand up requesting help which results in delays for the entire class to make progress. 
  • The Chromebook at full charge from home won't require plugging into power during all class sessions. 

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