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Friday, 15 November 2019

Bike Day in Year 4

Connecting to their unit "Simple machines may use force and friction to improve work efficiency" the Year 4's brought in their bikes to school for a bike day!

The students were able to apply their knowledge of simple machines and connect it to the parts of a bicycle which is a complex machine. They were able to understand and experience the functions of the simple machines when riding their bicycles.
This event was done within the school starting from the primary car park. The children had fun riding
around cones and learning how to walk with their bike, up a ramp into the administration car park. Next, they returned to the starting point and rode around cones after which we went into the Early year's car park. This was a bit more challenging, as here they were riding over humps.
 Control when riding, use of brakes, identifying the simple machines in the bike- a great learning experience for the Year 4's.

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