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Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Secondary Student Council elections coming up

Student Council (STUCO) Executive Committee (EC) elections are just around the corner. While all students are encouraged to run for a position on the committee, Middle School students are especially welcome to run for a STUCO EC position.

ISL Student Council (STUCO) Mission Statement
"Student Council is a school-wide organization to promote involvement, ownership, leadership, and stewardship in our school. This group is designed to give students a voice. Students will learn the democratic process, the appropriate ways to affect change, and develop their ability to interact with other stakeholders in our school and community. These students will represent the student body here at the International School of Lusaka as well as within the community.

The purpose of Student Council is to promote pride, spirit, service, and achievement in our school. Student Council Members are a part of an elected group of leaders who stand to serve the school community and beyond.

Student Council Members are in a position of leadership in our school. With the position comes the responsibility of setting examples and being positive role models for others. This responsibility must be taken seriously by all Student Council Members."

STUCO is comprised of a small “Executive Committee” and a larger body of “Class Representatives”, one from each Tutor Group. While the Class Reps are elected within the Tutor Groups at the beginning of the academic year, the EC is voted into office for a yearly period; from January until December. This is primarily because students in Year 13 and 11 are not able to be active in STUCO in Semester 2 as they are preparing for exams, so we vote in new members to the EC at this time, mostly coming from Years 10 and 12.

One student from Year 7, 8 or 9 is elected to represent the Middle School on the EC. This is a tremendous opportunity to mix with the older students and learn both leadership and organisational skills. While this might not be for everyone, perhaps with some encouragement and support from home we can get a few more Middle School students willing to run for the position. Even the experience of trying for the position is of value.

If students are interested, they should get an application form from Mr Bush.

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