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Thursday, 2 April 2020

Two weeks in

It is now two weeks since we last had students on campus and, frankly, it has been a challenge due to the uncertainties stemming from the challenge of COVID-19. Since that time we have been dealing with the trials and opportunities offered by distance learning. I would like to begin by recognising and thanking all our teachers and students for their efforts in making distance learning a success.

You will see from our calendar that from Friday next week is gazetted as a school holiday and we will be taking a break from distance learning. Our teachers and I dare say our students need a breather. I have however asked the principals to guide teachers in setting a voluntary holiday assignment of some kind for their students to complete if they wish. We must be cognizant of the fact that many children will be stuck at home with nothing much to do and I would like us to support them where possible. Personally, I regard it as a great opportunity for some extended reading.

It is natural to ask, as many of you have, when school is likely to reopen. The short answer is that we do not know. From what I glean from the Ministry of Education, government schools will be closed for sure until May 11th. Whether they open on that day will depend on how the situation develops over the next month, which is currently difficult to predict.

Keep safe.

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