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Friday, 17 April 2020

Program resumes after Easter break on 22nd April

It was heartwarming to watch the video compiled by ISL PTA with messages from students and parents for the teachers. Thank you so much for your efforts once again PTA members! We sincerely appreciate this gesture and hope everyone had a great Easter with their families.

After the Easter break, the online classes resume from April 22nd. Our teachers have studied the results of the second survey and will be making a few changes to accommodate the needs of Primary parents. There have been sincere attempts to avoid little children having too much screen time. For example asking them to write letters, do some Art, play some music, work with shapes, etc. There are however certain exercises that require students to work using laptops/ Ipads. Please help them in setting a weekly timetable to plan their routines and ensure they are supervised by an adult.

Teachers will be online every day for an hour or two and thereafter available on Whatsapp or email from 14:00- 16:00 to respond to messages. Whilst we do understand there are difficulties with electricity,  access to devices and wifi, we are also working hard to ensure children do not miss out on their learning.  Teachers are having to be more creative in their planning. It is important children complete most assignments, if not all, as their progress will be noted. Please do not hesitate to email or chat with your child's teacher if you are experiencing any difficulties so they may assist you.

We are all a part of a team and we want all sides to end up winning during this pandemic and even after. Stay safe and keep well!

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