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Monday, 20 April 2020

Year 11 classes will continue

This is to inform you that Year 11 academic classes will continue and not be terminated.

We believe that for reasons of educational continuity it is in the best academic interest of our students to continue classes and not completely stop the delivery of educational material which will necessarily help them prepare for the next school year.

Rather than conduct all classes according to the current timetable we thought it would be more interesting and appropriate to have a different approach to these classes. One approach we are looking at would be a replication of IBDP-style assignments, perhaps group-based, where students work in one subject area every week. For example; Math: Week 1, Languages: Week 2, and so on.  I’ll reserve further comment until these details are worked out. We will communicate details of this programme by Friday 24th April.

Given this new approach, and the time needed to organize its implementation, we will delay the resumption of Year 11 classes until Monday April 27th. These classes will end on Friday May 29th. Year 11 Semester 2 Reports will be issued on Wednesday June 12th along with the other Secondary reports.

IMPORTANT: Obviously we appreciate that not every student will be thrilled by this news.  We would hope to receive your support at home for this initiative and do everything you can to ensure your son/daughter participates regularly and submits work as required. Work submitted will be assessed, but following CIE guidelines, the Year 11 Predicted Grades will NOT be influenced by work submitted/not submitted over the next month. However, the ISL Semester 2 Report grade MAY be influenced by the work submitted/not submitted over the next month. This means that apart for the academic benefit and knowledge gained, students can raise their ISL grade by doing better in any subject.

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