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Thursday, 30 April 2020

ISL assists Ministry of Health with COVID-19 screening

Our school is assisting the Ministry of Health with its voluntary COVID screening programme beginning 1st May. Our MPC will be used by the MoH COVID-19 response team to host its Rhodes Park testing centre. The team has set up its screening operation there in collaboration with our nurse, Edith Lemba. The Lukasu Road gate and possibly the Margaret Tembo Road gate will be used for traffic related to this. Security have been tasked with confining COVID testing candidates to that area of the campus. As the coronavirus does not long persist outside the human body, there is no danger of the area becoming 'contaminated' with the virus. Any of you coming to campus (except for COVID-19 screening) should avoid the MPC area.

I am happy that our school can contribute in some small way to the national effort to combat this unwelcome illness.

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