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Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Week one after Distance learning

Everyone is getting technologically sound with distance learning!

Distance learning has its own advantages and disadvantages. We are happy we are in an era, where learning still takes place in these trying times. We (as educators) are getting "tech-savvy" too, but we miss the physical presence of our students. Man is a social animal and yet in these circumstances, we have to avoid doing what we love most - socializing!

Teachers are talking about how much easier it is to have students in a class whilst facilitating learning- easier to explain, easier to demonstrate, easier to clear misconceptions, easier to prepare work, easier to provide feedback and so much more. They are continuing to do their best to make things work using platforms that are familiar to students and parents. Of course, Epic, a new platform has been added to read books.

A week has gone by and in chatting with teachers, most students have begun to do the work assigned and see their teacher and friends online during the week. Some students, however, have not yet begun to do any of the assignments online and in addition, have not been in touch with their teachers. There may be various reasons for this, and we do understand. But please do get in touch with teachers via email or WhatsApp during working hours ( if you cannot catch them during working hours, you can expect a response to your query/ email/ message the following day) to enlighten them of your current situation. They are here to help you and will try to find ways to help solve any problems you encounter in the way they best can.

We do understand there is a lot for parents to take on, with work, having limited access to devices, keeping children entertained, avoiding too much of screen time, supervision and the like. Please use this link  Click here to view guidelines for parents if you have not seen it before.

We wish you well and ask for all of you to remain safe.

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  1. Speaking from the Year 6 point of view, it was wonderful to see the efforts put in by all the children to present their Independent Inquiry work online. Kudos to the teachers for their abundant encouragement and support, and hats off to the children who have adapted and coped so well! Thank you for making this possible.