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Friday, 27 March 2020

Students need to "read the manual" first

Over the past few days I have been scanning the interactions between teachers and students in their online classes. Some of the questions asked by students (especially our Middle Schoolers) have brought back memories of me putting things to get as a teen; models/bicycles/furniture etc

Often I threw the “how-to” manual aside, believing I could work my way through things on my own. At some point, things wouldn’t fit and I'd have to return to the manual and go through things step by step to see where I went wrong.

Teachers have tried, for the most part, to give clear and simple instructions to students. While there can be some justified confusion from time to time, many of the students are asking questions, the answers to which are clearly explained in the directions.

The students have to take their time, read the instructions carefully, and try to figure things out on their own first. We certainly want to develop some mental independence in our children, and this is an opportunity to do so.

Ask questions? Yes! ... but please let’s read the instruction manual first :)

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