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Thursday, 26 March 2020

Dealing with COVID 19

I read an interesting article shared by Michael Lannini from International Schools Services. The article is written by Doug Ota who is the Chairperson and founder of  Safe Passage Across Networks (SPAN)- a non-profit organization that aims " to offer a home to refresh, equip, and connect transition care providers around the globe who are committed to healthy student, family, and staff mobility within and between school."
Here are some suggestions form him to cope with school closures, isolation, and quarantine.

Suggestions to cope with school closures, isolation, and quarantine:
  • Cabinize. Frame the situation as a family vacation in a cabin together. Nothing bonds like a common adversary—be that rain, a blackout, or COVID-19.
  • Bond. Get out games, cards, family photo albums, and enjoy each other. See COVID-19 as a gift-giver that just gave what you always said you lacked enough of time.
  • Limit. Agree on times when all screens and devices go off. Not only to bond but also to manage exposure to angst-inducing news and developments.
  • Normalize. It's normal to argue and not get along at times. Especially when you're cooped up in a cabin. Edges will appear. That's normal.
  • Manage. Difficult family relationships will become more strained. It's OK to retreat now. Make use of private spaces. Respect such spaces. Breathe deeply, then speak.
  • Ask. If conflict at home is a problem, get help. Counselling is available virtually—especially now. If you see a storm brewing, don't wait. Be proactive.
  • Connect. Fight the virus on its level. As COVID-19 erodes social structures, rebuild!  Form a WhatsApp or Zoom group with neighbours you've never met.
  • RDA. Get your Recommended Daily Allowance of social interaction. Talk to people outside your family every day. 3+ people = optimal.  2 = sufficient. 1 = minimal.
  • Teleport. Shift social groups online. Establish official times to meet. Find creative ways to continue the activities you share (exercise, bridge, book club). Make e-play dates for kids.
  • Accelerate. Raise your heart rate with aerobic exercise at least 15 minutes per day. Examples abound on YouTube. Doing so as a family qualifies as "bonding" too.
  • Hope. End each day reflecting together on something positive, or reading something that affords hope. Share your hopeful thought with those in your "cabin."
  • Sleep. Enough, but not too much. Get up at your normal time.
  • Repeat.

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