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Friday, 20 March 2020

Gearing up for distance learning

Although our campus may be closed to students, learning continues online. We are committed to supporting our students through the period of campus closure and to progressing through our curriculum. Many of our staff recall our school's response to the Cholera-related closure in 2018; this is expertise which we can share and on which we can build. Today at school teachers are hard at work sharing skills and preparing for distance learning to launch officially on Monday 23rd March. Some classes have already gone online with discussion groups formed and assignments posted.

Our distance learning will be provided initially through Google Classroom with Education City and Seesaw plus printed material for the little ones. I expect the nature of online learning to evolve over time as we gain expertise and insights into what is working best for our students.

We are in contact with the Ministry of Education concerning the length of school closure and will update you when we have clear guidance from them. In the meantime let's all work together to make distance learning a success and to give our students the support they need.

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