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Wednesday, 25 March 2020

IB CAS and distance learning: how does this work?

As part of their IB Diploma programme, the students are required to complete three CORE components: Theory of Knowledge, the Extended Essay and CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service). With many school campuses closed and students now attending online classes, students have to rethink about how to implement CAS in their distance learning programme. Every Wednesday, from 8 to 9 am, I will touch base with the whole DP1 cohort.

This morning I was thrilled to see all the DP1 online on Google Meet ready to get to work! We shared and brainstormed ways to complete their CAS programme during the current challenging circumstances and they will be adding more to the following list of ideas for next week's session:

-creating a blog (daily journal) about learning online
-creating videos to help people use online tools to communicate, teach and learn
-set up a mini cross country course in their garden for themselves and/or their siblings
-come up with a regular homemade gym plan for the next few weeks
-compose a rap song about the coronavirus
-start a vegetable patch in the garden or on a balcony
-learning how to play a musical instrument
-learning how to cook italian dishes (to make homemade pasta, pizza...)

As I explained to the students this morning, many things will count for CAS, provided that they can show evidence of some planning and that they have a goal to attain.
The students are also expected to continue writing their CAS reflections on Managebac.

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