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Thursday, 3 October 2019

Inside a renovated classroom

As you may know, we renovated fifteen classrooms, nearly a quarter of the total, during the July break.

These classrooms are designed to promote effective teaching, with proper lighting, acoustics, ventilation and layout. Here is what some of the people using the classrooms said about the renovations:

They are more spacious, cooler, cleaner, and provide a more inviting learning environment. One of my former students who is studying in the UK who came to say hello, simply exclaimed, “This is wonderful!” - Mr Chomba

I love my new teaching space. It's a gorgeous room now. It sets the tone that I want in class; that we are calm and organised, that we get down to business and that we care about our work. - Ms Johansen

This room is cool now. It makes it easier to concentrate. It's open and brighter. - Year 11.2 student.

This new look is definitely a good thing. I want to learn more. - Year 11.2 student

Much better. We can soar. - Poet Laureate Society Member.

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