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Thursday, 3 October 2019

Board orientation

This year's board orientation retreat took place in mid-September. It was well attended and seen to be productive with one board member commenting that it was the best during his time on the board.

The topics covered were:
  1. Seven principles of public life
  2. The nature and role of a school board
  3. The ISL guiding statements
  4. The ISL constitution and bye-laws plus a mention of the BPM.
  5. The CIS report & strategic plan
  6. Board strategic goal selection - these were
    1. Governance 
    2. Redevelopment 
    3. Financial stability 
    4. Academic excellence and increased enrollments 
    5. Healthy relations (communication)
  7. Board committee terms of reference and goals
Our thanks go to Per Arve Kvalsund for facilitating the session on the nature and role of a board.

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