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Monday, 28 October 2019

Dealing with the heat

As you may have noticed, it has been rather hot of late. We will be implementing the following steps to mitigate the effects of these elevated temperatures:
  1. Students should bring water bottles and sun hats to school.
  2. After school activities (excepting some competitive teams) will be suspended for at least this week. It is particularly hot around 14:00 and, ideally, we want people somewhere cool by then.
  3. Energetic PE activities will be suspended after mid-morning, with the exception of swimming. These will be replaced by sedentary outdoor activities.
  4. Cool breaks - teachers will, at their discretion, take students out of class to cooler zones, such as shady trees, where they can drink water and rest.
  5. The yellow corridor classrooms near the car park - which are particularly hot - will be equipped with chilled water dispensers in class.
  6. Additional big water dispensers will be provided at convenient locations; all water dispensers will be checked regularly by maintenance staff to ensure trouble-free operation.
  7. Additional fans in classes, especially yellow corridor classes, will be provided.
  8. Aircons in the Boardroom, PYP room, and sickbay to be operational as cool off areas.
  9. The nurse will advise teachers and TAs on signs and symptoms of heat exhaustion.
  10. The nurse will provide advice to parents on suggested precautions for hot weather.

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