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Thursday, 10 October 2019

Ask ISL - Board committees

Hi there- we have had interested Association members approach the PTA looking to join board committeesfor which they may have pertinent professional skills or personal interests.

How do they go about doing this?  As a general question, how should Association members direct queries to the board's attention?


Thank you for using Ask ISL. For board related queries you can either use Ask ISL, as we reach out to whoever is appropriate for the answer, or mail board.chair@islzambia.org.

As for the board committees, they have been established and will be meeting throughout the year. These committees are open to both ISL staff and members of the association. The committees are as follows:

ISL Board Policy & Planning Committee
Committee Chairperson: Mrs. Emily Heneghan Kasomo
Email: emily.heneghankasoma@gmail.com

ISL Board Estates & Projects Committee
Committee Chairperson: Mr. Danny Holmes
Email: dholmes@dhengcon.com

ISL Board Finance & Revenue Committee
Committee Chairperson : Mr. Rajan Pradeep
Email: pradeep6768@hotmail.com

ISL Board Marketing & Strategy Committee
Committee Chairperson: Mr. Sven Buchholz
Email: sven.buchholz.int@gmail.com

ISL Board Human Resources & Staff Relations Committee 
Committee Chairperson: Mrs. Nancy Sikazwe
Email: nanachileshe21@gmail.com

Please reach out to the Chairpersons directly if you would be interested in participating in one of these sub-committees.

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