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Friday, 24 May 2019

Supporting Learning at Home

Sometimes as parents we can think that we are ill-equipped to support our children in their academic studies at home, either because we do not have the required background knowledge in a specific subject or perhaps that its just been too long ago and we've forgotten the material.

Here are a few important learning-to-learn skills...
which I read about in “Learning to Learn: Tips for Teens and Their Teachers” by Ulrich Boser and have suggested what we can do as parents, despite our assumed short-comings;

1. Actively retrieve and explain. Re-reading notes and highlighting textbook material is too passive. Much more effective is testing oneself or explaining material so it makes sense to another person.

Parent takeaway: be that “other person”. Ask your child to explain what they have studied to you.

2. Focus. Trying to study while listening to music, watching YouTube, texting, or doing Snapchat and Instagram is inefficient because short-term memory is compromised.

Parent takeaway: imposing restrictions on anything which causes distraction is essential.

3.Being aware of feelings. Teens are subject to emotional and hormonal surges and downswings, especially during times of stress such as examination periods.

Parent takeaway: break up intense academic revision/studying periods with other activities

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  1. Coincidentally, I came across a related topic on a podcast I listen to quite often.


    I can't seem to set up a link, so just cut and paste this address into your browser.

    The content is very apropos, specifically to our Middle School students, their access to social media and some emerging concerns about its effects, especially on girls.

    Please note: there are a couple expletives