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Friday, 31 May 2019

Parent coffees

A big thank you to all the parents who came for our coffee mornings this week. The goal of the coffee mornings was to get unstructured feedback from parents in the form of questions or concerns about this year and suggestions for next year. The feedback was mostly positive, with some good suggestions also. This kind of insight from parents is helpful to us as we reflect on the year and plan for the future. Please see below for the feedback from parents and leave a comment if you think of anything else.

Going Well

  • ISL ethos of being committed - highly appreciated
  • ECA has been great
  • Great diversity of syllabus and ECA
  • Fantastic teacher sense of community
  • Exhibition
  • Variety of ECA - Thanks
  • Kids transfer knowledge to us at home (camping)
  • ISL Community events – e.g PTA nights
  • Sporting facilities have improved drastically keep it up
  • Communication to the parents is recommendable emails are +++ to keep us informed
  • Hospitable environment, friendly atmosphere


  • Consistency - Try to keep schedule constant during the term
    Improve communication between school and parents
  • Improve on sporting (e.g. Athletics can be year round not just before ISAZ)
  • Improvement of ISL-hosted event – e.g. (Color Run) over the years
  • Stop increasing school fees for a while
  • Improve on accounting for kids after school (and reporting to parents)
  • MPC needs to be renovated
  • Study skills and time management guidance?
  • Preparing for larger exams <> tutoring….?


  • Notice boards by Primary and Secondary exit telling us what meals there is for the day
  • More seating for eating
  • Encourage parents to share transport
  • Keep the focus on hygiene - soap, eating off the floor
  • Consider food warming facilities in designated places - safety
  • Introduce tennis as a competitive sport
  • Leadership skills development opportunities (lead a group of peers?)
  • Extra work/exercises? But not only
  • Emphasis on high – flyers in the classroom situation? How to keep them focused and engaged?
  • “Book corner” (ref. Primary) when the classroom work is done?
  • Decrease plastic waste- no more plastic water bottles

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