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Friday, 31 May 2019

New families

Time of year when we have many families visit us looking for admissions for their children.

Great to see new faces and meet new families! Some of the students seeking admission have siblings here and it is lovely to see families enrol their next child with us.
It's great to hear new parents say "We have heard about your program" or "I have studied here..." or ask questions "How does your program work?" "What extracurricular activities do you offer?"- the answers to which are easy as we do have wonderful things happening across the school - something anyone on campus can witness any day.

There have also been some inquiries for the following academic year ( 2020-2021) as they have heard from families spaces get filled up soon and so they are keen to register their children now. Let us hope to continue building this trend!

A big thanks to the school community for being the ambassadors for ISL! Continue with the good work:)

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