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Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Reading at Home

If there is one thing I would ask parents of primary-age children to prioritize, it is reading at home. When they are small, read to them; when they are big, have them read to you.

I read recently with a year two class, which was a wonderful experience. We spent some time on shared reading and for some more time I had individual students read to me. Our year two students are pretty good readers but it is easy to see which students read more than others. Like any skill, reading requires practice for mastery. Reading during the school day is a necessary and valuable use of class time, but there is a practical limit to how much time can be spent reading in school. Additional time should be spent practising reading outside class, which is where parents come in. As parents, you can add hours to your child's reading. Here are some ideas:
  • Read them a bedtime story.
  • When they are older, have them read you a bedtime story.
  • Give interesting books as gifts.
  • At the mall, drop by the bookstore and let them choose a book to buy.
  • Encourage and remind them to read.
  • Ask them about what they have been reading.
  • Model the desired behaviour by reading yourself and talking about what you read.

I am sure many of you will have better ideas than these - why not post them as a comment? Thanks!

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  1. ISL has great reading books in it's two libraries. Visit the library and pick a book. For primary kids, parents are allowed to check out books for the children even during the long break using the parents accounts and for secondary students, the students can check out on their own. Look out the holiday library hours working schedule that will be shared with parents, staff and students!!