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Tuesday, 25 February 2020

Paperless Admissions

Recognizing the importance of trees and how they contribute to the environment should make us think on how to preserve them. The Year 5 students during their unit on “Sharing the Planet”with the central idea:
“Finding solutions to environmental conflicts is our responsibility” spearheaded the planting of 100 trees because they identified deforestation as one of the environmental conflicts. In light of the preservation of trees the school in the last 5 years has placed an emphasis on paperless admission. In this way, less paper is used for application and enrollment. Our aim is to have a paperless admissions process.

Completing an application online has made it easy and cost-effective for people who are unable to come to ISL immediately. People are able to upload documents and they do not need to submit any paper. ISL uses OpenApply for Admissions, which is a system that allows parents as well as prospective parents to apply online.  A checklist is available for the person completing the form to guide them on what is needed. Re-enrollment for the next academic year for current students is also done on OpenApply.

OpenApply allows you to apply years in advance for a place for your child. You can be assured that the application of your child will not go missing. An application is found within a minute by the Admissions Officer if it is done online.

If you are thinking of enrolling your child at ISL for the next academic year or 2 years ahead, then apply now.  Do not get caught up on the waiting list. The earlier you apply, the higher the chance of getting a place.

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  1. I feel this is a great idea and that we should inform the whole school and make this an whole school project.