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Thursday, 20 February 2020

Consultative appraisals

I would like to address some questions concerning the consultative appraisal process on which we have been working this school year.

Who will be appraised?

The consultative appraisal process involves the following:
  • All direct reports to the head of school, for example, Sunita.
  • Curriculum coordinators, for example, Grace.
  • Support staff having a lot of interaction with teachers, for example, Tawanda.
Other staff will be appraised using different approaches:
  • Head is appraised by the board.
  • Board conducts a self-appraisal.
  • Faculty other than above will be appraised by the principals with input from coordinators.
  • Support staff other than above 

Who will do the appraising?

Most of the people being appraised by this method are support staff. Generally, I have encouraged the support staff to see themselves as providers of services to teachers. For this reason, the main source of appraisal input will be from teachers. For some of the more outward-facing positions, such as admissions, it may be useful to involve other constituencies such as the PTA.

How will the appraisal be constructed?

There are three sources of questions on the appraisal:
  1. Generic questions common to all devised by Ivy and me.
  2. Specific questions supplied by the colleague being appraised.
  3. Questions based on the job description not covered in 1 or 2 above.
We think it is important that the colleague have a say in how they are appraised and that, where possible, a consensus is reached on the final questions used.

How will the appraisal be carried out?

The agreed questions will be codified into Google Forms and sent anonymously to the appraisers.

What is the current state of progress?

A draft of the questions has been shared with the colleagues being appraised for their feedback.

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