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Thursday, 19 September 2019

Year 7 Wildtracks Field Trip

The biggest group catch by ISL students.
Our year 7 students had their field trip to Wildtracks in Lower Zambezi from 2nd - 6th September, 2019. This was an exciting experience for students and teachers as students explored the outdoors while learning about their strengths, weaknesses, privileges and responsibilities. Students took part in a bush walk, baobab tree climbing, fishing, obstacle course, cooking, talent night
, and learnt about scorpions, stars and crocodiles.

We also had some groups catching some fish with the biggest catch weighing 18 kilograms. The fish was later released into the river as Wildtracks run a catch and release project. It was a very successful week and the students had a lot of positive things to say about their first field trip in Secondary.

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