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Friday, 6 September 2019

Supporting our Local Community

Greetings ISL Association, Students, Parents, Friends

Come join us in supporting the differently-abled community in Lusaka!  We will be holding two exciting events in the next 10 days to help raise funds to send a group of athletes from Lusaka’s Disacare Sports Club to the Danhiko Annual Paralympic Games in Harare, Zimbabwe!  Read on to learn more about how you can help support awareness of disability issues around ISL and support the team in achieving their goal. 

What are the events?
Primary “Experience Life in a Wheelchair” Monday Morning: 16th September, 2019
Parallel with our efforts to collect for the athletes, you can support the opportunity for our children in Years 2-6 to spend part of the morning in a wheelchair.  Envelopes will be sent home right away for you to make a donation, and we very much hope that you will (even if your child is not in Y2-Y6 we still would gratefully appreciate any donations).  If your child participates, she/he may be called upon to run errands for their teacher, move between specialist subjects, and navigate the classroom while in the wheelchair.  Classes will reflect on the experience as a group to gain empathy for their peers who use the devices on a daily basis.  While donation is completely voluntary, we do hope you will consider the importance of these diverse learning opportunities for our children and of showing our children the need to give back to their larger community.  All funds raised will be given to the Disacare athletes fund for Harare.  

Wheelchair Basketball Match: ISL Players and Disacare Wheelchair Sports Teams:
Tuesday 17 September, 2019 14:00-15:00
Come watch two fast-paced mini-games of basketball with mixed teams of ISL and Disacare players.  Snacks will be available for sale and attendees will have the opportunity to compete in         3-point shot, free-throw, and knockout competitions during breaks.  Tickets will be K20 per person for entry, but bring some additional small change for snacks and to enter the games during breaks!  Note: We very much hope that all students will attend these games, but students are the responsibility of their parents/guardians during this time.  So bring the whole family for a fun spectator experience!

Why this group of athletes?
ISL has long had a connection with APTERS (Appropriate Paper Technology, an organization in Lusaka working since 1990 to produce mobility aids with recycled paper and cardboard to assist physically challenged children while empowering physically challenged adults), and through APTERS, we have met several athletes who are trying to raise funds to make it to the Danhiko games later this month.  These athletes are members of the Disacare Wheelchair Basketball Team at Disacare Sports Club in Lusaka and several have visited primary classrooms to talk about their work with APTERS and six even joined in last year’s Colour Run.  They are seeking assistance in reaching the Danhiko Games in Harare.  

What are the Danhiko Paralympic Games?
For the past 25 years, Danhiko has hosted the Danhiko Annual Paralympic Games which draws participants from all over Zimbabwe and the Southern African region.  According to Danhiko, “these games give an opportunity to people with disability to take part in sporting activities which are not readily available in their communities, schools and such other institutions of higher learning.”  This year, the games are expected to attract over 2000 athletes in 10 disciplines.  You can learn more about Danhiko here: http://www.danhikoproject.org.zw/about%20us.htm

Please look out for envelopes going shortly asking for your donations, and do consider coming out to the game on Tuesday 17th September!  We will also have donation boxes at the front desk in the reception office, in the Secondary Library and Primary Library and in the Primary Principal’s office.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to be in touch.  You can direct these to Year 5 teacher, Mrs.Makawa at dfilice@islzambia.org

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