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Wednesday, 25 September 2019

Parent coffee items

We held parent coffee mornings on September 10th – 13th and harvested the following observations which will be discussed in the appropriate management meetings.

Going Well

  1. Good 1st coffee morning - positive start
  2. Good communication about road works/parking arrangements
  3. Cannot rave enough about how kind & welcoming everyone has been to our family. We are so grateful

Needs Improving

  1. More coffee mornings for Parents to interact more
  2. More guidance please for new parents. Have had too many new parents ask what, where and when. PYP meeting great, however doesn't cover day to day running.
  3. Create a way that allows for parents of 2/3/4 kids to get one email when regards whole school INFO-I don't want 3 emails for same thing.
  4. Microwaves at the Tuckshop area so that we can send hot lunches to school
  5. English classes for Chinese/other parents (suggested 2-3 pm Tues & Thur)
  6. Start CPRs in Middle School
  7. Need more stronger table chairs for Primary place (Primary)
  8. As a new parent I would suggest a meeting at the beginning of the Year for new parents that goes more over logistical Info (schedules, swimming, trips, communication platforms, policies etc) It can be a bit confusing
  9. Paint the walls and gates
  10. Next time get some filter coffee
  11. Hope a space room for fencing sport

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  1. Totally agree on improvement point #10. Might have mentioned it myself once or twice!

    Yours Cheerfully,