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Thursday, 19 September 2019

Disacare Team heads to Zimbabwe!

Just a few weeks ago we asked the whole ISL community to gather together and donate money to help the Disacare Wheelchair Team go to Zimbabwe for an international tournament. 

We wrote you all a note saying, “You have the chance to make a difference in our community! Turn a dream into a reality by making a voluntary contribution.” Parents helped by making posters and mini promo videos to raise awareness; Primary kids got involved as they ‘Experienced a Day in a Wheelchair’, Secondary students got involved as they played a friendly match against the Disacare Wheelchair Basketball team – they themselves experiencing, for the first time, the game from a wheelchair perspective! And EVERYONE got involved by donating what they could.
Well, together – we are about to make their dreams come true as they travel to the Danhiko Annual Paralympic  Games to be held from the 26th to the 29th September 2019, and the amount we have raised is actually beyond our own wildest dreams! 
The team wrote, requesting ZMW 15, 000/-.When we looked at what they needed for the event, it came to ZMW 16,000/-. Through all our efforts, we have raised that amount, and beyond, meaning that we can send them off with a little bit of pocket money too! 
The 18 wheelchair basketball players will be receiving a total of ZMW 20,015/- from the entire ISL community!!! We wish them all the best as they enjoy taking part in the sport and forming new friendships at the tournament. 
Well done everyone and  Big THANK YOU for helping Disacare!

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