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Tuesday, 3 September 2019

Important Traffic Advisory

Car parks on Nangwenya Road are currently inaccessible. If the Nangwenya Road car park gates are closed, please use the MPC car park or the secondary car park.

The MPC car park will be entrance-only at the Lukasu gate and exit-only at the Margaret Tembo gate. Keep right for drop-off; keep left for parking.

It will be congested; to avoid chaos we need your help with the following:
  • Cooperate with the traffic marshals.
  • Pull forward as much as possible when dropping off.
  • Try to drop off your children a few minutes earlier than usual.
  • Staff only should park only at the Kasiba Road sports field.
The earth ramps provided by the subcontractor are insufficient and subject to periodic and unpredictable disturbance.

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