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Friday, 13 September 2019

Lost and Found

Lost and found items can be found in two places at school- Primary Lost and Found or Secondary Office.

In an attempt to make life simpler, things that are picked up on the grounds are returned to the two venues. All people on campus- teachers, teaching assistants,  gardeners, caretakers and security personnel have also been advised to do the same.

On most occasions, property found lying around can be returned to the right individuals if they are appropriately labelled. We kindly request all things ( jackets, caps, lunch boxes, drinking bottles etc) are labelled with the name and class, especially if you are parents of young children below the age of 7.  You are welcome to come into the offices to rummage through the box ( Secondary) or cabinet ((Primary) if anything is lost.

Lost and Found items are on display each Market Day- i.e. once every month. Last Market Day ( August) , children from Primary classes were brought around and quite a few items were picked up. (This was a huge relief for us).

At the end of each academic year, we keep lost property on display for a week in an attempt to allow children and parents to recover items they may have lost. If they are not picked up, they are donated to a worthy cause from school.

 We sincerely urge that items for young children are clearly labelled and Market Day is also used to identify lost property.

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