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Friday, 12 February 2021

Welcome back to school

 Welcome back to school! We look forward to seeing you all return.

The school advocates a shared responsibility to ensure all ISL stakeholders are safe and healthy. We are aware families or staff at ISL may get affected and attach no social stigma to this. We will do our best to support the staff, students and families affected. 

The protocols to be followed and be mindful of are shared on youtube, through the COVID guidelines and COVID quick reference document.

It is important for all families to understand the importance of adhering to the prescribed protocols both at school and home. The school has increased measures to ensure the safety of all staff and students ( limiting staff room access, closing tuckshop, increasing divisions in corridors by using retractable barriers, increasing personnel to clean toilets after each use, increasing bubbling, etc.) We need your help with this from home too.

 Some simple points to help:

1. Go through the school rules with your children. Ensure they have their bags packed and ready for the next day.

2. Send your child to school with a  clearly labeled mask ( multi-layered cloth mask ( with no valves) or kid-size surgical mask ( currently available at JCS)).

2. Ensure there is a spare mask ( similar to the above) in a ziploc bag in the school bag.

3. Ensure there is an adequate supply of food and water for your child as the tuckshop will be closed.

4. Please wear a mask if you need to exit the car during drop off/ pick up. Kindly advise drivers, house- help of the need to follow the same.

5. Ensure similar rules are followed at home too when stepping out of the house and in public.

6. Maintain social contact with selected families to avoid risk. It is important to have a few families you can socially interact with to keep everyone sane😊

7. Please comply with the rules and ensure the child stays home if unwell. 

8. Kindly contact the school nurse @ notify@islzambia.org and class teacher before the child returns to school.

Home-based learning (HBL) will be provided to students who are eligible. The school will keep you informed well in advance if and when we are likely to end HBL. Work packs will continue to be provided to students who are HBL.

By working together, we can combat this pandemic.✌

Stay well and stay safe👋

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