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Friday, 12 February 2021

A Message from the Student Council

Dear Teachers,

Our biggest thanks for the effort that you all put in to continue our education with fervor and enthusiasm, even though we were unable to be face to face.

Covid-19 has caused an unprecedented interruption of education, with around 1.5 billion children across the world out of school!

Teaching during a worldwide pandemic is far from typical. None of us could have predicted this before it happened. Home Based Learning was something that we never would have guessed we would have to do. And yet, you adapted your teaching style within the blink of an eye, managing to make distance-learning plans that allowed us to interact and learn in ways we never would have been able to under the circumstances.

Years from now, 2020-2021 will be remembered as the years where we learned to live life at a distance from each other, and yet still managed to function as a community. We know how hard it must have been, without seeing students’ faces, or having some questions answered with silence. And, let's face it, not one of us can claim that we went through the past couple of months without wifi problems or power outages. You gave up afternoons for extra help, for which we cannot be more grateful. 

Thank you for not only continuing to teach us, but for supporting us, laughing with us, inspiring us, and getting us through these difficult times.

On behalf of all ISL students you have our enduring gratitude and admiration! 

Kind Regards, 

The Student Council 

Executive Committee

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