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Sunday, 14 February 2021

Secondary coordinator and student COVID-info meetings

Tomorrow, Monday 15th, is a “no-HBL” school day. Teachers will use this day to make sure that everything is ready for Tuesday 16th, which is our first day of SBL classes on campus. SBL classes will be almost the same as when we left school in December, with a few small but important changes.

I hope students have read the emails and MB messages explaining what these changes are, but if they haven't had a chance to, they can meet with their Curriculum Coordinator tomorrow Monday 15th at 13.00 (1pm) on the following meet links;

IMYC students: meet.google.com/vwp-xjop-edp

IGCSE students: meet.google.com/vcw-smni-soq

IBDP students: meet.google.com/mum-mnyt-tjg

This will be a chance to get clarifications or ask questions about how things will go if their families decide if they will come to school for SBL classes or if they will stay home and follow HBL classes.

Last week, the parents had the Virtual Town Hall as a time when they could ask questions and we are planning further virtual meetings for parents in the near future with Coordinators. This meeting is intended for our students.

Best regards,

Craig Patterson

Secondary Principal

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