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Tuesday, 16 February 2021

Great first day!

 A great start to this semester! It was wonderful to see most of our students return:)

I must congratulate all ISL stakeholders for their preparedness and willingness to follow prescribed protocols at school! We had around 80% attendance in Primary school and we hope this percentage will increase soon.

The students were great and followed all the instructions from their teachers. We have managed to sort out bubbling in Modern Languages and PE, so students do not mix in a year level. We will monitor this and see how we continue to improve it. 

Pick up and drop off was smooth and a big shout out for a prompt and timely pickup. Almost all students in Primary were gone by 13:40 hours and as requested almost everyone I saw outside the car - guardians, drivers, and parents were all masked up⭐⭐🤩. A big Thank you for helping us with this.🙏

Let us work together and continue to be safe and healthy.

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