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Thursday, 11 February 2021

Update on IBPYP and IBDP 5 Year Evaluation

The 5 Year Review Evaluation visit regarding the Multi-Programme, PYP DP has been confirmed to take place on 29th to 31st March. This will be a remote visit and will be conducted by the following visiting team. Denise Michel and Fran├žoise Mokhtar-Bencteux are programme leaders for PYP while Mike Millichamp and Edith van der Linden are for DP. 

The purpose of the visit is for the IB to ensure that the standards and practices of each programme are being maintained, to acknowledge accomplishments and to provide guidance for school improvement. The IB is aware that for each school the implementation of an IB programme is a journey, and that the school will meet these standards and practices to varying degrees along the way. A synchronized visit is also an opportunity to consider the development and impact of the IB programmes across the whole school. For this reason, in addition to the programme-specific practices, the school has had the opportunity to reflect upon, and be evaluated against a set of whole-school practices.

The IB also recognizes that this process requires the collaboration of the whole school community but due to COVID 19 it has been quite challenging for focus groups to involve the parents, students and governing body. However, a survey was sent to all and we appreciate the time and effort made and hope that the insights gained along the way will be valuable in further developing your programmes.

Below is a link to the PowerPoint that talks about the purpose and process of evaluation.

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