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Wednesday, 13 January 2021

Welcome back - Primary school

Season's Greetings and compliments of the year to everyone!

We have had a bit of an unexpected start to the year with not being able to offer lessons face to face, but we hope the first day went off well yesterday.  Thank you for being understanding and working together with us as always. We will keep you updated on any changes that we will make after two weeks in good time.

Work packs for students will be available for pick up on Friday this week and next from 8:00 hours- 14:30 hours inside the  Multipurpose Center (MPC) due to the rains. For new parents, please use the gate situated on Lukasu Road (the gate at the back of the school). Please ensure you sanitize your hands prior to collecting books for your safety and those of others. Kindly be patient and wait your turn if you see a group of parents inside collecting books at the station set up. Our teaching assistants will be present to assist you.

We wish you well and ask you to stay safe, wear masks, and maintain social distancing when you are out of your house.

Until the next blog.....

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