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Wednesday, 13 January 2021

Secondary book pick up

The Secondary library will be open today, Wednesday January 13th, from 07.15 - 15.00 and Friday, January 15th from 07.15 - 14.00, to allow students who have been informed by their teachers to return old text books and/or pick up new text books to complete this task.

Some students have also left text books in their classrooms. Access to these rooms will also be made possible during the times mentioned above. 

Additionally, some students may wish to return borrowed library books and/or pick up new library books for reading at home. This will also be possible during the times mentioned above. 

Some important reminders;

  • parents and/or drivers should use the secondary car park entrance 

  • parents and/or drivers are allowed to do this for the students but health procedures (sanitization, face mask and social distancing) must strictly adhered to

  • parents/drivers should know the name and year level of the student and the subject  of the text books they are to pick up

  • students may come on campus, but must not congregate, spend time chatting together or loiter. All health procedures apply.

It is understood that if students come into school to complete this task they may have to be absent from some of their online classes. Unfortunately due to restricted access at school we have no option but to accept this fact. Students missing class due to book drop off-pick up will not be penalized.

If you have any further questions or concerns about this exercise, please do not hesitate to contact the secondary office of the library.

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