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Friday, 23 August 2019

Primary open house

Wonderful to see most parents turn up for Open House this week!

Thank you to all parents who have shown an interest in their child's education and attended Open House!  We trust this was a worthwhile experience for you and that together with your child, you feel better prepared for the academic year. For those parents who were unable to make it, please do not hesitate to contact your class teacher and fix an appointment to understand the expectations and programme for this academic year. A reminder- Four platforms are used at school for various purposes:
Edadmin ( emails from school,  school invoices and sign up for  extracurricular activities)
ManageBac (emails from class teacher, reports, class calendar)
Seesaw (digital portfolio to view your child's progress) and
Education City ( digital platform to assist students with content covered)

 Extra Curricular Activities start next week and pick up after activities for Primary students will be in the Secondary car park from 16:00 hours. Teachers will be on duty till 16:15 hours.

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