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Monday, 12 August 2019

Ask ISL - Co-opting for board

Can you describe the process for the Board of Governors to co-opt membersimmediately after the election by the Association at the AGM? This seems to happen every year, and I know many parents are wondering the process through which this is undertaken. Can you please describe the rationale for co-option and ensure that the Association is made aware of it as soon as possible.


The bye-laws provide for the cooption of board members as follows:

1.8 In addition the Board shall have power, in its discretion, to nominate such other persons, not exceeding two (2), to be Board Members. Such persons, when so nominated, shall furnish a letter indicating their acceptance of said nomination, and shall hold office as board members in all respects as if they were elected by the Association at the Annual General Meeting immediately preceding their nomination under this paragraph.

The board chair has agreed to do a blog post after every board meeting to keep association members updated with happenings there.

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